Dr Why has been the first quiz created to entertain people in public places since 1999, for first time a large number of people became enthusiastic about the game live, we have grown convinced that culture and game can be together and getting far, How much? We do not know but we did not even have the slightest idea to have gotten where we are today.

By the creator Claudio Cera
From a seed a whole forest has been born..
"Who would have thought", it is a short phrase that I have repeated myself for some time, and it has sometimes been a stimulus when I am faced with a new project that seems very big to be able to achieve, I stop and I wonder like a mantra "I would have thought of seeing the game beyond my town?, in other regions?, in other countries? or in other continents?" Obviously the answer is no, and with new strength I get up and get to work to go forward. I believe that obstacles I will find today will hardly be greater than those already overcome. Today I am ready to plant a new seed without knowing if there will be a tree that will become a forest but I know new satisfactions awaits me.

From now on I will use the plural and speak on behalf of who are already working on the project, because I will not be alone and the result will be merit of all.
Claudio Cera

Today's mission takes us full time to "Create the biggest online question game" and you can imagine how ambitious and great the goal is, especially now where everything is already available, where real numbers begin to count after hundreds of millions, where the average user is used to "consuming" every idea in a few months of life.
. Dr Why was born of an idea and it was created with effort, today we have the experience and enthusiasm to allow it to be even bigger and mainly long-lived
There was something missing, we realized that we were risking losing ground with netizens, lacking the power to "share", we learned from online campaigns, Flash Mob, the politics born on the Web, the social where it is shared up the most intimate secret, we are people, and so we want to be part of something that stimulates and occupies us, we want everyone to see and to be the protagonists.
Since this discovery we have revolutionized the project's approach and our mission is to disclose to all this group, this game, this opportunity.
It is clear that maybe it will not be shared by all but for those who want it, you will find something interesting in the next few lines.
If Dr Why were just a game Quiz would be an idea that already exists, it is not exclusive and we will not be the last ones to surely use it, the quiz is a reality but what we want to do now is much more, to turn it into "THE" Quiz game
Dr Why Quiz will be known like anyother one, it will enter with education in all houses, we will have it in our pockets, and it will be host in every place where it is desired to have cultural fun , in any way, something didactic or sports, from passions to trades.
We do not want to create something that barely works and with jumbled ideas in drawers for lack of funds, we will not create a "No Profit" web and it will not be expensive, there will always be free games but we will strive to entertain millions of people in exchange for one cent. We want to translate it into the 6000 languages in 189 countries.

One of the objectives of our mission is to invest on social area and in our case social culture: introducing with learning purposes the Quiz game as an excuse, being aimed at less fortunate to build schools where thousands of children can study. Imagine a school where at the end of the day through the game you can give an exam with questions written by teachers, rewarding best students, focus on the prize, how many children with competition desires will strive even more to win? Invest in the Social: a part of the profits will be destined to the Social, and it will never be an expense but an investment in people, an investment in children that thanks to education one day will heal other people, they will discover new goals or they will become great writers that will make our children dream. Maybe one day somebody playing Quiz on internet will discover that the school where he learned his first lessons was built with money from Quiz game in which he is currently playing. We will invest in culture because today's children will be our players tomorrow.

Maybe with a little presumption, we think we can please everyone who wants to make money, who wants to play for free, who would like to help others, who would like to do something and say one day "I helped in Dr Why Quiz creation"
We will give a great opportunity to make money to all who want to participate in the project, and it will be divided based on percentage of contribution that each of us is willing to give for the purpose.
Get on board and fasten your seat belt, the stops of this trip will take us to:

  • Entertain millions of people with culture;
  • Compensate people that contribute in this phase of startup, today it is very important to have the help of all;
  • Leave a remembrance in everyone's memory, a signature on the sand with the words "I was there too."

The opportunity to take part in this project is opened to all, with an idea, with a dollar or an hour of time, soon we will open a page to collect your requests and where we will better explain our business idea.

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